Technology Ireland Budget Submission 2021

Some points we would like to highlight on behalf of the Technology Sector are:

Some points we would like to highlight on behalf of the Technology Sector are:

1. Recognise and support the Technology sector as a driving force for Ireland’s recovery

COVID-19 has underlined Ireland’s technology sector as a cornerstone of Ireland’s economic and social infrastructure.
Supporting the technology sector is key to successfully rebooting Ireland. It is not enough for the government to
passively support the technology sector. It must also actively role model behavior that encourages best practice,
particularly regarding digital transformation and procurement of cloud services.

2. Protect and develop Ireland’s FDI growth model to attract and retain multinational technology companies

As well as access to talent and skills, Ireland’s corporate tax regime has played a key part in attracting FDI. However,
Ireland’s FDI growth model is now in a position of great challenge. Dual threats to both our taxation model and our
trade openness mean that we will have to work harder as a country to ensure we remain attractive for outside

3. Back entrepreneurship and support innovation and R&D

Increasing the strength of Ireland’s indigenous technology sector is important for the overall health of the ecosystem.
We need a suite of measures, which would help improve the incentive to engage in R&D, invest in advanced
technologies, and make it easier to hire and retain indigenous talent and attract international skills

4. Limit exposure to Brexit with regard to data transfers

A no deal Brexit that cuts off the free movement of data between the EU and the UK remains a huge threat to Ireland,
which holds 30% of European data. The fallout from the recent Schrems II ruling, which raises the bar for SCCs (Standard
Contractual Clauses), which are used by organisations transferring data to third countries, exacerbates this threat,
which will impact all companies sharing data, not just the technology sector.
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