Product Manager Leaders Forum

The Product Manager Leaders Forum is a collaborative forum, focused on the needs of Product Managers in the indigenous software and digital technology companies, where people can bring issues in confidence and can connect with peers who have solved similar issues in the past. The need for the forum has been identified by Technology Ireland members, and the logic behind the establishment of the group is simple - “A problem shared is a problem halved”.

The format of the meeting is based on the TechCEO Forum that has been running very successfully at Technology Ireland for a number of years & which has proven to be of great benefit to its members. Guest speakers have included Chris Horn, co-founder & CEO of Iona Technologies, Rich Mironov, Seasoned Product Executive, Start-up Entrepreneur, Author, Technologist, And Founder Of Product Camp Silicon Valley.

The Forum is by invite-only, and is open to members with Product Management function based in Ireland.

The Forum is chaired by Eoin Kirwan, VP, Product Management at FINEOS.
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