Software Skillnet Steering Committee

The Software Skillnet Steering Committee comprises a number of senior executives from the sector representing the member companies. The Steering Group has decision-making authority on behalf of the overall network.

Its main functions are:
  • To provide strategic direction on the technical developments and market opportunities for software companies and the skills strategies and programmes required by the sector, particularly in relation to software development skills.
  • To oversee all major decisions on strategy, activities, and developments of the network
  • To identify the industry trends, challenges and strategic direction of the software sector in Ireland
  • To prioritise which training and education programmes and seminars should be developed and delivered by the network and to appoint colleges, trainers and consultants as providers to the network.
  • To provide direction and support to the network manager on the aims, objectives and priorities of the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet.
  • To ensure that the grant provided to the network is used for up-skilling activities that are of benefit to member companies
  • To monitor the key output targets that have been agreed with the funding body as a condition of the grant funding and ensure that the network meets or exceeds all key performance measures
The Technology Ireland Software Skillnet Steering Committee is chaired by Niall O'Cleirigh, Director, Rapt Touch.
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