Pay & Conditions

Pay and benefit costs typically represent a significant proportion of business costs, with base pay generally being the most costly reward element. So getting the strategy and process for managing base pay right is a critical issue for every employer.

Therefore, Technology Ireland, in conjunction with the Ibec research unit, collects remuneration data on over 65 distinct job functions within the software & digital technology sector. The 2016 Salary Survey, has responses from companies representing over 6,500 employees, and is in excess of 70 pages in length.

This data is made available free of charge to Technology Ireland members that participate in the research. Pay surveys collect information on the basic rate of pay applying to particular jobs, as well as information in relation to bonus payments, changes to pay rates and hours of work; and is broken down by company size, company location, company ownership & company turnover.

In 2017, and in every alternate year, we also conducted a survey relating to conditions of employment, including pensions, sick pay provision, overtime rates, annual leave entitlements and flexible working arrangements. This data is collated into several thematic reports which are made available to members in Q1 2017.

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